Lincoln Park UBF

Lincoln Park UBF is a non-denominational Christian church ministry comprised of college students and young adults from the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. We are a local chapter of University Bible Fellowship (UBF), which is an international ministry at college campuses throughout the world. 

We welcome students and young adults from all faiths and backgrounds to come and learn with us what Christian spirituality is and what it means to follow Jesus.


What’s your goal in life? Some people aim for a great achievement; some are looking for love; some, for big money. Noble people pour themselves into raising their children well. It’s good to have goals; otherwise life can get monotonous. But most goals in life are at best temporal, and even after attaining them we feel meaningless. In today’s passage Apostle Paul shares with the Thessalonians that his goal in life is helping people become Christians. He says he considers new believers his glory and joy.

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Have you ever felt like what you were doing was in vain, like it had no effect at all? It makes even trying to do something so hard. But when we see results, when people respond well to what we’re trying to do, it can make us so happy. In today’s passage Paul begins writing a letter to a group of people whom he had just recently gotten to know. Though there was so much hostility that Paul had to leave prematurely, they had responded well to his message. As we think about this introduction to his letter to the Thessalonians, we especially want to learn how to respond in the right way to the good news of Jesus. May God open our hearts and speak to us personally through his word today.

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Unstoppable. Sometimes that can be a bad thing, like when a person can’t stop talking, or can’t stop doing something irritating. But unstoppable can also be a good thing. Today’s passage is about the resurrection of Jesus. Matthew’s account of it shows us is that Jesus is unstoppable. The religious leaders tried to stop his ministry and his message, but they couldn’t. Of course his resurrection was good news to his followers, but it’s also good news to all people of the world. It’s not just a theological idea, or dogma; his resurrection actually applies to our daily lives. When we believe Jesus has risen, we too become part of God’s unstoppable work in the world. May God open our hearts and speak to us personally through his words today.

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