Lincoln Park UBF

Lincoln Park UBF is a non-denominational Christian church ministry comprised of college students and young adults from the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. We are a local chapter of University Bible Fellowship (UBF), which is an international ministry at college campuses throughout the world. 

We welcome students and young adults from all faiths and backgrounds to come and learn with us what Christian spirituality is and what it means to follow Jesus.


          Chronicles was written for Jews who’d come back from Babylonian Captivity. By now they’d lived through at least 100 years of devastation. After David’s kingdom had been divided, the southern half, Judah, had been destroyed, and the temple had, too. The people had been taken as slaves and lived on the bottom of society in Babylon. There was really nothing left of Israel. Chronicles was written to help these returning exiles restore their relationship with God as his covenant people. It teaches that keeping God’s covenant is the only way to live under his blessings. Keeping God’s covenant requires listening to God’s word and to his prophets (2Ch20:20). In Chronicles’ descriptions of some of Israel’s best kings we can see the hope of our Messiah Jesus. Overall, Chronicles expresses a deep concern for all God’s scattered, remnant people, no matter where they are. Chronicles tells us that God is still there; he hasn’t forgotten his people; he’s deeply interested in us and cares for us.

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