Lincoln Park UBF

Lincoln Park UBF is a non-denominational Christian church ministry comprised of college students and young adults from the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. We are a local chapter of University Bible Fellowship (UBF), which is an international ministry at college campuses throughout the world. 

We welcome students and young adults from all faiths and backgrounds to come and learn with us what Christian spirituality is and what it means to follow Jesus.

We are not an exclusive community. Anyone can join us and what we do--we welcome anybody. However, if you'd like to become a "member," then you're interested in being committed to what we do, to participate and vote on certain decisions we make as a group, etc. Those interested in becoming members, we have an 8 course class that fully discloses who we are, what we do, and what we expect of members of this community. 

Class 1 - Why Membership?

Class 2 - Christ is Lord - Personal Life

Class 3 - Christ is Lord - Community Life

Class 4 - Discipleship 

Class 5 - World Missions

Class 6 - Giving

Class 7 - What is UBF?

Class 8 - Accountability

Our Statement of Faith

Our Covenant 

Membership Application

Membership Form

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