Lincoln Park UBF

Lincoln Park UBF is a non-denominational Christian church ministry comprised of college students and young adults from the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. We are a local chapter of University Bible Fellowship (UBF), which is an international ministry at college campuses throughout the world. 

We welcome students and young adults from all faiths and backgrounds to come and learn with us what Christian spirituality is and what it means to follow Jesus.

Our Story

In 1987, Pastor Mark Vucekovich began talking with college students and young adults in Chicago's neighborhood of Lincoln Park about Jesus and the Gospel. At first, he met one-on-one with people for Bible study, then also in small groups. After some time, Pastor Mark felt called to serve the Lincoln Park neighborhood and those living there. In 1992, Mark and his wife Kathy, along with another family, officially planted the Lincoln Park UBF church. They were blessed with a building in the heart of the neighborhood where both families lived. People were always over for Bible studies, for Sunday worship services in their first floor living room, and to hang out. It was a welcoming family of believers who were excited about the Gospel, who encouraged each other to better love God and each other.

After a building renovation and nearly 30 years of ministry, Lincoln Park UBF is now a church that continues to serve college students and young adults in Lincoln Park. We're a diverse bunch, with people from very different backgrounds. And over the years, it seems our ministry has been an oasis of sorts--college students have come, been blessed to come to know God's love, and have gone on to serve God as pastors, missionaries, church planters and in various other professions elsewhere. We like that about our ministry; we get to share the Gospel with others in a very important time in their lives and then see how God uses them. 

We've grown since the days when we met in a living room, but we're still all about an intimate and personal style of ministry. We still study the Bible together one-on-one and in small groups, and we worship together in our cozy church on Sheffield. 

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